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At present, the demand for design is more and more unstoppable. Most of you are probably familiar with a graphic design application called Canva. However, there are still people who don’t know how to use Canva.

Canva is an online graphic design application that allows users to easily create various templates, such as resume designs, posters, logos, and more.

This graphic design app is even very suitable and recommended for beginners. Because the application appearance is very friendly and easy to use.

However, it’s not uncommon for people to still be unable to use Canva properly. The reason is that the features offered by Canva are so numerous that it is important to understand them well.

So how do you use Canva for design purposes etc. ? Here Vixbee will explain to you.

How to create a Canva account

Using Canva to create designs is not really difficult. You will gradually learn it until you fully understand it.

The first thing you need to do is create a Canva account. Creating a Canva account is no different from creating another account.

Here’s how to create a Canva account:

  • visit
  • Choose to register if you want, you can do it via email, Facebook or Google
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  • When registering by e-mail, enter your full name, e-mail and password
  • if you log in to Facebook or Google, allow access
  • after filling in the data, click on the login and you already have a Canva account

How to choose a Canva design

Now that you have a Canva account, it’s time to create designs using Canva.
With Canva you can choose what you want to design. With this application, you can create logos, posters, resumes, etc.
Now in this article, we will discuss how you can choose a design with Canva.

Choosing a Canva design is not too complicated. Here are the steps:
• After logging in, this screen will appear, then click the “create design” button to begin designing.

• Then select one. In this guide, Vixbee clicks on the Instagram template. There is also a display with various Instagram templates that you can use as reference material for creating Instagram design.

• Select the desired template and then create a design according to your own creation
• On the left are various features that you can use to make your design more attractive.

You can download your work and share it with others.
In addition to creating Instagram template, you can also use Canva as a way to create posters, stories, resumes, blog banners, and even create content for marketing strategies.
The procedure is almost the same, just click the “create design” button to create a design and then choose what you want to make. There are many features you can try, such as how it looks when you create a design post.

How to Create Your First Design in Canva

Now that we know that Canva can actually create various designs such as logo, poster, CV designs, etc., we will now discuss how you can create the first design in Canva.
If you are a designer, you probably don’t have a problem using Canva because it’s easy to use.
For those of you just new to graphic design, Vixbee will provide instructions on how to create a design in Canva.

  1. Log in first
    As always, you must be logged in before you can create your first Canva design.
  2. Click “Create Design”
    Then select one of the designs you want to create.
  3. Select the desired template
    Canva has a collection of custom and professional templates for a variety of content that users need.
    For example, the screenshot below shows the templates provided by Canva for you who want to create an Instagram template design.
  4. Add a photo
    If you want to add a unique design to the canvas, you can add photos to it.
    When you start designing, there is a selection of photo features in the left corner of the screen. Canva offers lots of photos that you can use for free.
    You can even search millions of photos by entering a few keywords. However, there are photos that are used specifically for premium accounts, so you should use Canva Pro.
  5. Add text
    In addition to adding photos to designs, you can also add text to make the designs even more beautiful.
    You just need to click on the text on the left, then you can choose the font you want.
  6. Insert a filter and adjust the image
    You can adjust color using the filters provided by Canva.
    In addition, you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, color, and more. The image filter and customization menu are at the top of the image.
    Adjust to your style to make the picture beautiful.
  7. Download the design and share it with others
    After fiddling with the design that you have created, it’s time to share it with people or download it right away.
    To do both, simply click on ‘share’ if you want to share with people. Then enter an email address.
    If you want to download, just click the download button next to it and your design will be downloaded automatically.

How to use Canva on a mobile phone

Canva is also available on mobile. For those who want to design anywhere and anytime, you can use Canva via mobile.

  1. Choose what you want to design
    After logging in, a screen like this will appear. Click ‘+’ to start designing.
    You can design different things like posters, certificates, invitations, even Instagram stories, and WhatsApp stories. Choose one of them.
  2. Insert images, videos, and text
    After choosing one, you just have to design according to your own creative process.
    Just like on the desktop, you can also insert images, videos, text and adjust the color of the image on your mobile phone.
    This is information on how to use Canva for those who don’t know it yet.


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