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About us

Vixbee is a family-owned company, founded by a couple in Southern California, who also enjoy playing top trending PC and retro games with their kids and friends. Vixbee has been serving its customers with all their PC and video game needs for years and prides themselves in having one of the most comprehensive collections and competitive prices of any online game retailer.

Unlike other PC computer gaming retailers, Vixbee was founded by gamers who love the idea of enjoying what they sell. We pay attention to our customers’ satisfaction with what they purchase and love to deal with our clients on a more personal level. As the company and business continue to grow, we hope that Vixbee will become a place where consumers can find all they need right at their fingertips. Our online retail platform continues to grow bigger and bigger with increasing collections of various gaming hardware available on the internet.

We cover all formats including retro gaming collections and a selection of tabletop and handheld games.
Unlike other companies, Vixbee is not just a hobby. Vixbee was named after the couples’ two dogs, the pomchi mix Vixen and their boxer Honey who is also known as Bee to their kids. New clients can benefit from Vixbee’s services because we pride ourselves for having great customer relations and a fast shipping procedure, not to mention having top trending products ever made available online.

Vixbee is a growing online retail platform for the largest and most recent top trending video games and retro games. We also have exclusive items, only available from Vixbee. Our passion for PC computer games and retro games has provided us with the chance to build great relationships with our customers and suppliers. Serving the gaming community within Southern California, Vixbee has become a gaming haven for budget gamers with its huge collection of affordable refurbished gaming desktops, Laptops, and consoles.

Vixbee is dedicated to serving the best interests of gaming enthusiasts. Our platform provides passionate customers with diverse choices in video game entertainment. This creates the opportunity to connect with customers on a more personal level while providing them with exactly what they need. Our passion for the gaming industry has pushed us to provide gamers with a one-stop shop for top quality modern and classic gaming needs. We do not have pushy marketing gimmicks, just the plain old fashion retailing policy focused on customer satisfaction and product delivery.