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Vaseky 128GB MSATA SSD Solid State Drive

    Vaseky 128GB SSD Solid State Drive High Speed Desktop Laptop Computer Hard Drive Disk MSATA MLC Work Office

    Color: Black
    Model: Vaseky V800 128GB
    Size: 1.8 inches
    Interface: MSATA 6Gb/s
    protocol:SATA III
    Storage capacity: 128 GB
    Available capacity: 112 GB
    Reading speed: 300-500 MB/s (because the test environment is different, data is for reference only)
    Write speed: 200-300 MB/s (because the test environment is different, data is for reference only)
    Memory particles: MLC
    Power consumption: 0.1 W
    Storage temperature: -55-75 degrees centigrade
    Working temperature: 5-70 degrees centigrade

    SSD compared with the advantages of HDD:
    --Faster read and write speed, especially in small file read and write, install the system in SSD, which can greatly improve the speed of computer startup and the speed of daily operation.
    --Strong shock resistant and Fall characteristic, and can minimize the possibility of data loss.
    --SSD has no motor and fan and other mechanical components, no noise in the process of use.
    --The power consumption of SSD is lower than that of traditional HDD.
    --The working temperature range is large.
    --Small in size and light in weight.

    --SSD for the first time use please formatted partitions.
    --The 4K aligned and Open AHCI mode SSD will have a higher speed of reading and writing.

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